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The Seversons

Pictured on the left are Beth and Troy Severson, owners of Grand View Farm & Ranch. They've been farming on our century family farm for decades. In 1996, they started a cow/calf operation. Today they continue to raise the herd and run the cow/calf side of the business.

You'll find us on the right - Knute and Amanda Severson. We are the proud owners of Grand View Beef. In 2017, we moved back to the farm and began purchasing steers from Beth and Troy to finish and sell to the end-consumer. Knute was raised on the farm and had big dreams to work in the city. Amanda grew up in Washington State and was the furthest thing from a farm kid. Both of us loved football, and so our paths led us to the Seattle Seahawks organization, where we both interned during the 2015-2016 season. Cue falling in love, long distance, and the true definition of the saying "If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans." Needless to say, Knute realized he didn't like the city and he wanted to move home and start a beef business. Amanda realized she loved Knute, and visited Iowa and saw the beauty that comes with farm living. And so - we were married in 2017 in Italy and moved into Knute's great-grandfather's home on the farm to start the business.

We feel blessed God has given us the opportunity to live this life together. We're grateful we get to share a piece of that with you through Grand View Beef.